Law of economic offense

For an effective defense it is necessary to establish early on the contact between accused and defender to work out a strategy. In this area we only work on fee agreements. We counsel on the following offenses:
  • Asset related offenses such as fraud, subsidy fraud, stock fraud, credit fraud, embezzlement, non-payment of wages
  • Insolvency related offenses such as bankruptcy, non-stating financial reports, giving unfair advantages to particular creditors, non-filing for bankruptcy
  • Competition related offenses such as cartels, bribery, unlawful advertisement, disclosure of business secrets, treason
  • Public position related offenses such as corruption
  • Trademark related offenses such as trademark violations, abuse of geographical origin
  • Copyright related offenses such as distribution of copy right protected material, unlawful copyright labelling, violation of other IP rights
  • Illegal employment
  • Tax related offenses such as tax evasion, infringement of tariff laws, smuggling
  • Penalties on economic offenses

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RA Enrico Komning