KOMNING Rechtsanwälte - RA Oliver Kröger
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RA Oliver Kröger

Areas of expertise

Labour law, contract law, Law of defaults in performance, Law of T&C’s, copyright law

Curriculum Vitae

Oliver Kröger is a licensed lawyer since 2004. After his bar exam in 1997 he worked as an inhouse counsel for a leasing company in an international context until 2004. He mainly focused on contract and labour law issues of the different holdings and subsidiaries in Germany and Eastern Europe. He is representing employers for KOMNING law firm since 2007 in individual and collective labour law (union law). He also draws trade and business contracts and both claims and defends against claims resulting from impairments of the performance of obligations.


Training as a specialist solicitor in labour law in 2012


Oliver Kröger studied at the University of Leipzig until 1994. During his lawyer’s training at the regional court in Dresden he worked for the Leipzig based Thill & Partner in business law. After his bar exam in 1997 and during his work as an inhouse counsel he continued to train himself in business law. He also finished training as specialist solicitor in labour law in 2012.

Memberships / Honorary Appointments

Oliver Kröger is a member of the Deutscher Anwaltsverein (German lawyers’ association) and its regional chapter. He takes part in the working group for labour law. He devotes himself to social work, among others as a chairman of the Neubrandenburger Schulverein (the association for the support of schools in Neubrandenburg).