More for less

We bring legal services to the next level. Clients always ask for efficient workflows and easy procedures which we can provide with this unique offer. With LAWTEC it is possible to combine knowhow, expertise and experience of many lawyers and provide our clients an innovative service today which will be service standard in the future.

Whether it is individual claims or protecting business interest in copyright or competition law, single, ongoing or mass mandates – the LAWTEC procedures provide a holistic approach to the client. The law firm can be flexible to address individual demands of any client – always a bit more than with other law firms. The advantage of this system lies in the close interlocking of manual and IT processes that reduces the effort for simple as for complex cases.

To realize this we connected and structured all knowhow existing in the law firm with the help of IT solutions. Past experiences as well as learning from ongoing cases were collected, categorized and provided to use for future cases. Workflows were fully automatized and can be easily administered. If cases are very similar they can be processed automatically by LAWTEC. In combination with the use of secure data bases and modern software this leads to high efficiency, fast communication and cost savings which can be relayed to the client. More for less – more service for less costs.
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