Copyright and media law

Media law consists of press law, publishing law, music law, film law and broadcasting law. It also consists of all legal provisions dealing with intellectual property in words, images or sounds.

We counsel on the following issues:

  • Enforcement of claims on cease & desists, removal, information and damages resulting from copyright violations and defense against such
  • Copyright protection and surveillance
  • IP-related law
  • Advertisement law
  • Media law
  • Press law
  • Right to privacy and data security in classic, new and social media
  • Cease & desist letters
  • Website credits

KOMNING Rechtsanwäte - RA Christoph Basedow
RA Christoph Basedow
KOMNING Rechtsanwäte - RA Enrico Komning
RA Enrico Komning
KOMNING Rechtsanwäte - RA Oliver Kröger
RA Oliver Kröger