Construction and architect law

Construction and architect law always concerns various parties. That‘s why it is important to consider all interests involved with the project when drafting contracts. Business interests have to be translated into legal terms. If things go wrong securing evidence is important. Also it is important to establish whether the fault is in planning or realization. Because of this complexity legal counselling is recommended during all phases of the project.

We counsel on the following issues:

  • Law of architects and engineers (also professional law)
  • Representing owners, prime, main and sub-contractors
  • Drafting and check of contracts
  • Out of court and in court enforcement of claims regarding payments or faults or defense against such
  • In court and out of court procedures for the preservation of evidence
  • Communication with public surveyors
  • Out of court settlements by referee agreements
  • Realization of claims against banks and insurers from faults
  • Arbitration procedures

KOMNING Rechtsanwäte - RA Christoph Basedow
RA Christoph Basedow