With the WebAkte application we can provide a service which is top-notch today but will be standard in the future. The WebAkte is the most modern form of communication between client and lawyer.

With WebAkte we are there for you 24/7. No delay. No complications. Worldwide. Safe. At any time you can access your documents, inform yourself about the status of your file and communicate to us.

Your documents are transferred via SSL encryption and put on a high security server. Through the data security concept of WebAkte your documents are always safe and protected from unauthorized access. It is replacing the unsafe communication by e-mail or the slow correspondence by post.

If you decide to use WebAkte you will get no written documents from us. If there is any news like new correspondence or communication requests you will get a short notice. You log in with your personal account and can access everything.

As stated in our T&C’s the only requirement is that you check your mail at least daily to avoid losing deadlines.

If you already have an account you can log in >here<.