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Adwokat Enrico Komning

Areas of Expertise

Media and Copyright Law, Intellectual Property Law, Competition Law, Law of Corporate Succession, Law relating to economic offenses

Curriculum Vitae

Enrico Komning is the founder of KOMNING Rechtsanwälte. He was awarded his lawyer’s license in 1998 and worked the first two years for EWIV, a network of tax consultants, lawyers and public accountants. In 2000 he started his own law firm which he has since developed in size and structure. His focus is on counselling businesses and business owners. He is a specialized solicitor in family law and has a special training in law of succession and therefore an excellent expertise in the law of corporate succession with all the related questions arising in tax law and corporate law. He is also working as a tax accountant. During the last years he also put a focus on media and copyright law and IP related law.


Specialist solicitor in family law
Training as a specialist solicitor in law of succession
Training as a specialist solicitor in copyright and media law


After finishing an apprenticeship in construction Enrico Komning studied at the Ernst-Moritz-University in Greifswald. In 1997 he was working as a professor at the Business Academy Blieskastel and as a consultant for the Bureau to solve problems arising from the unlawful expropriation of assets by the GDR. During his lawyer’s training at the regional court in Rostock he was leading a team in business law at the ETL European Tax and Law Firm. To gain more insight on the other aspects of the law of corporate succession he took a training as a specialized solicitor in family law (at the Deutsche Anwaltakademie in 2003) and in law of succession (at the Justistische Fachseminare 2007) and is formally recognized as a specialist solicitor in family law since 2003. He has regularly took part in other lawyer’s trainings as well and has thus received a certificate by the German bar association on “quality by training”. From 2007 until 2009 he took training as a tax accountant by the Bildungsinstitut steuerberatender Berufe MV e.V. In 2012 he completed training as a specialist solicitor in copyright and media law.

Memberships / Honorary Appointments

Enrico Komning is a member of the Deutsche Anwaltsverein (German lawyers association) and was a member of the board at the chapter in Neubrandenburg until 2012. As a honorary appointment he is deputy chairman of the Bund der Steuerzahler Mecklenburg-Vorpommern e.V. (association of taxpayers), has been alderman for Neubrandenburg until 2012 and representing expert at the county council for Mecklenburgische Seenplatte (the region around Neubrandenburg). He also is a member of the Bund der Selbständigen (association of the self-Employed) and a supporting member of the Wirtschaftsjunioren (association of young entrepreneurs).


  • Co-Autor „Unternehmensnachfolge“ (law of succession), published at Diplomica Verlag 2008 – ISBN 978–3-8366–5848-5
  • Routine Publisher in regional press and business press about legal news and developments, mainly in business law